Grizzly BearAfter all these decades, why can't I leave these critters alone? Because I need them. We need them. And they need our help. The grizzlies south of Canada will always be endangered; global warming is shattering their traditional food sources just as it will someday doom agriculture in Africa and Southeast Asia. We are all in this together, muchachos. I cannot dream of telling the annual story of my life without going to the mountain to shake hands with wilderness incarnate, old Ursus arctos. Matter of fact, I'm on my way.

Article about Doug and forest entomologist Jesse Logan
Yet Another Grizzly Shitbath, by Rick Bass, Mountain Magazine, Early Winter 2012

Read Doug's writing about grizzly bears

Good Manners in Grizzly Country

LA Times Op-Ed, March 2006

A Gathering of Grizzlies, American West, 1984A Gathering of Grizzlies
by Doug Peacock
American West 1984
Download a pdf (37.7mb) or read online

Making the West Safe for Grizzlies, Audubon, December 1997Making the West Safe for Grizzlies
by Doug Peacock Audubon
December 1997
Download a pdf (35.6mb) or read online

The Grizzly Detective, Backpacker, February 2005The Grizzly Detective
by Doug Peacock
Backpacker 2005
Download a pdf (37.3mb) or read online

The Black Grizzly Comes of Age, Big Sky Journal Fall 2006The Black Grizzly Comes of Age
by Doug Peacock
Big Sky Journal Fall 2006
Download a pdf (28.4mb) or read online

Where Grizzlies Once Roamed, Destination Wine 2007/2008Where Grizzlies Once Roamed
by Doug & Laurel Peacock 
Destination Wine Country
Winter 2008
Download a pdf (14.5mb) or read online

Griz, Geo November 1991Griz
by Charles Gaines
Geo November 1991
Download a pdf (29.8mb) or read online

Once There Were Bears, Pacific Summer 1996Once There Were Bears
by Doug Peacock, Pacific Discovery, Summer 1996
Download a pdf (27.7mb) or read online
Grizzly Years by Doug PeacockRead Doug's book Grizzly Years



Looking for Bears
Interview by Scott Carrier (29:38)

Natural history of the grizzly bear
Interview by Scott Carrier (1:27:29)

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