Mushrooms - Doug Peacock and Dan SullivanSullivan and Peacock hit the big time."But you know, this is a whole mass of mycelia, which is like this spider web, like almost microscopic stuff that grows underground. And the total number of intersections is greater than our brains or that of a great cetacean. So it could be some people, not even very hippie-like, sometimes argue that these are sentient creatures. They're much older--they're the oldest things--among the oldest things we know. They're not plant, they're not animal. They're whatever they are, and perhaps have cosmic memory as like an Earth memory as some of my microphylliac friends suspect. But they think that this--the mushroom itself is sentient, that it knows and perhaps it's evolved itself to be--to further that sentient awareness."

-Doug Peacock on National Public Radio with Scott Carrier



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The Mushroom Chronicles, Outside, June 1992The Mushroom Chronicles
by Doug Peacock, Outside, June 1992
Download a pdf (29.12mb) or read online


Looking for Mushrooms
Interview by Scott Carrier (16:01)

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